Strengthening Routine Health Information System Using DHIS2 Platform in Lumbini Province, Nepal

Hi Everyone, Greetings! I am Yangzi Sherpa, Data For Decision Making Provincial Coordinator working for Options Consultancy Services in Nepal Health Sector Support Program in Lumbini Province, Nepal. Please join me in session title: “Data Use” on Wednesday 22 June, 13:00-14:00 wherein a key focus will be on usage of DHIS2 platform to improve the routine data reporting rate, timeliness, completeness, and data quality with the data management committee formed at province level for coherence between three tiers of government.


Very important and interesting topic, thank you @SherpaY!


In fact, this community is an eye opener for me for the few moments I have been here. I believe I will get a lot of things especially researchable areas and help in system development in relation to data utilization and management