Standard variables to use in program rule expressions¶


I wonder why time variables doesn’t exist in DHIS2 program rules. Those would be very useful in tracker android programs.

For example, we have variables like V{current_date} (Program rules supported - DHIS2 Documentation) , but I can’t find variables like V{current_date_time} and V{current_time}.

Why these kind of variable doesn’t exist? Are they in the roadmap?

If have read many COP posts and it seems to be a recurrent problem not to have them.

What do you think? Any comment is welcome.

Thanks a lot.


Hi there @kfeina !
Thank you for the post. You are right that this is not supported currently. In order to define a feature request, perhaps you could provide some more information on your specific use case for the time variables? If you could describe your implementation, and the role that the time variable would play in that specific instance, this would be very helpful.