Standard interval days, Overdue

Hi All,

1)When to use both Scheduled days from start and Standard interval days when configuring a tracker program?

  1. How to identify and view overdue events?


I think this seems relevant when you have ‘auto-generate’ event activated, and according to the documentation, “Based on configuration, the status of the auto generated event can either be ACTIVE or SCHEDULE.” In both cases, the “Scheduled days from start” is number of days added to the execution date of the event.

When the event type is ACTIVE then the ‘scheduled days from start’ will be added to the generated date; similarly, when the event type is SCHEDULE it will have a future ‘due date’ and the ‘Scheduled days from start’ is the number of days that will be added to the ‘due date.’ For more information about this, please refer to the documentation: Enrollment with auto generated events

Additionally, the ‘standard interval days’ is used when you have a repeatable program stage and you want to make a default number of days between each auto-generated event but then when a user is asked to create the event, they can change the number of days.

I hope this helps!

In your tracker program there should be a number of events which were scheduled for a due date but then their date was passed without completion. If so you will be able to view the report of overdue events from the tracker capture. I have captured this quick GIF to assist you.

Please let me know if you have more questions. Thanks! (: