Sql Views list of useful tables

I am looking for a list of tables that are useful to be used in sqlViews or maybe a tutorial on the most useful tables.
I’m not sure it exists though i thought i saw something in one of the release notes some long time ago.
Your support is very much appreciated.

@phil would you like to check this one out? Thanks so much (:

Hi @Gassim

The core team don’t maintain such a list or tutorial.
I think this is the ideal case to reach out to other members of the community who may be willing to share their use cases, useful tables, and SQLViews.

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Thanks @phil ! It will be cool if other CoP members share! @SDKAAA have you found any useful info for this? Please feel free to share!
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no useful info other than following the logic and the schema and deciphering things as I go :wink:

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