Some translations do not appear on tracker registration form

Hi all,

We have a tracker program and the registration form does not appear to translate all tracked entity attributes. See below.

They do however translate on the search page:


Are there any known issues relating to this or anything we can try to get this working?

We are using arabic for the database language.

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Hi @HaydnJ,
This needs testing please, what dhis2 version are you using? Does this apply to the instances in as well?


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Hi @Gassim. The instance in question is version 2.37.6.

I will do my best to recreate the issue on one of the play instances. Hopefully it is easy to reproduce. Failing that I will try recreating our tracker program on one of the sample databases.

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Hey @HaydnJ

I did reproduce this bug in our play instance. I also found a jira on it: DHIS2-9190

As a work around, don’t use form name on TEA’s, the system will then use name in the form, and will be translated.



You are a diamond. Thank you so, so much!

Edit: For anyone having the same problem, make sure you delete the translation for the form name AND the form name for the Tracked Entity Instance.

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thanks @Caroline ! I tried to reproduce this behavior experienced by @HaydnJ in the dev instance of 2.37 and didn’t manage to display the translated TEI names (even without the form name) in the Tracker Capture app, while I can see them translated in the Program set-up wizard…

Am I doing something wrong or should we update your Jira ticket ?

Translated TEI [LINK]

Maintenance App [LINK]

Tracker Capture [LINK]


Hi @Matthieu, make sure that you remove the form name from the Tracked Entity Attribute itself, as well as from the translation. I had the same issue.