Some old resources.. are they still relevant?

I came across these while quickly (lazily?) trying to google for some docs I needed to reference and came across these which I hadn’t seen before and I don’t think there are links to on

The one that caught me off guard was the tutorial about “really clearing the browser cache” – Does this post (2014) pre-date and the browser cache cleaning tool and if so … is this still relevant anymore?

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Hi @chase.freeman,

We are actually in the process of updating the website and documentation, and as part of that process these tutorials will be reviewed/updated/removed and probably moved to the docs site.

Incidentally, the “really clearing the browser cache” is actually still relevant as I understand, as there are some analytics caches that are not removed even by browser cache cleaner app.


Awesome! Thanks for the reply @phil. Looking forward to the updates!

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