Some indicators showing no data in the analytics

Currently we have upgraded our server test (2.36.6) and production server (2.36.8) from 2.33 to 2.36. Some of the indicators in the production instance shows no data in all the data visualization apps but it is showing in the test instance. The indicators are valid and I have checked the previous questions and responses, but that didn’t work for me.


Did you already run analytics? If not, then go to Data Administration >> Analytics Tables then select START EXPORT.

Once completed, update your visual/table.


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Dear Mike,

Thanks for your suggestions. I run the analytics many times, clear the catch, clear browser history and so on. However, some indicators don’t show any data at all though the indicators are valid and working in the test instance but in the production instance.


@Hzerihun Clear the All Analytic Tables by going to Data AdministrationMaintenanceClear Analytic TablesPerform Maintenance.

Then re-export the Analytic Tables again

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I forgot to mention that clearing of the Analytic Tables may take 1day to complete. You have to be patient with it.

So export the Analytic Tables after 1day

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Hi Fred,

thanks for your response. I tried your recommendations and no change. We also restarted the server and the same.


Hi @Hzerihun ,

Were you able to solve the issue? If not would you share the Catalina.out log (without sensitive info) from the time you start the Analytics tables export?

Thank you!