Solution to fetch all metadata associated with the user group

Hello, I’m looking for an API that would fetch me the metadata associated with the given User group ID. For example, few data sets and event programs will have sharing setting set to a user group, can I fetch the list of the metadata which is shared with that user group.
Thanks in advance

Hi @Pooja_Deshpande

You can use the endpoint of the metadata that you are inquiring about and filter by the usergroup id. For example, in the datasets endpoint, I can use filter userGroupAccesses.userGroupUid to find all the datasets that are shared with that group: instanceURL/api/dataSets?fields=*&filter=userGroupAccesses.userGroupUid:eq:User-Group-Uid

I hope this helps!

Hello @Gassim
Thank you for your response. It helped to the get the required payload.
Thanks & Regards