SoftLMIS: Transactional LMIS Android app and interoperability with DHIS2

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SoftLMIS: Transactional LMIS Android app and interoperability with DHIS2**

Introduction: After having identified a market gap, SoftWorks developed first version of SoftLMIS in 2021, a DHIS2 web application for managing transactional stock status. The web application worked semi-offline depending on browser IndexedDB. Based on implementation feedback, SoftWorks worked on developing a tablet-based Android application that works completely offline and periodically synchronizes data to DHIS2.

Method: SoftLMIS has been designed to run on top of DHIS2 platform to manage real-time stock of health commodities by batch# and expiry date, and allow day-to-day stock transactions. It automatically supports the issuing of stocks using First-Expiry-First-Out (FEFO) method and generates periodic LMIS report. SoftLMIS can be used at all levels of the supply chain – specially at health facilities. Lower-tier can submit orders electronically which can be downloaded by the higher tier, issue invoice can be downloaded as receipt invoice - reducing data entry burden and errors. SoftLMIS can work fully offline in low resource settings as internet is required only to synchronize data to the central DHIS2 portal.

Results & Success: A customized version of SoftLMIS Android App was piloted in Burkina Faso starting Dec-2023, and rolling out in progress to 1000+ health facilities and district warehouses, for tracking 2400+ health commodities. Considering internet infrastructure, Android app based offline platform was the best option identified. Automated generation of periodic LMIS report reduces burden of paperwork, minimizes human error and improves data quality. E-mail alerts sent for near-expiry and potential stock-out products reduces loss and wastage. The electronic management of digital stock card and automated generation of stock out days helps to identify supply chain bottlenecks.

Challenges & Lessons Learned: Implementation challenges include – learning curve of staff on use of Android tablet, availability of central/regional level support staff, timely procurement and replacement of tablets, staff turnover and re-training plan. Some technical challenges related to the DHIS2 platform have to be overcome too – calculation of average consumption, month of stock and stock out days on the fly, develop custom reports with 2400+ elements/indicators, overcoming the limitation of 50kb data storage limit etc.

Conclusion: SoftLMIS application is the first full-scale transactional stock management system fully integrated with DHIS2 allowing real-time monitoring of thousands of products. Countries using DHIS2 to monitor health indicators can implement SoftLMIS solution to use both health and logistics data to make fully informed decisions.

Primary Author: Mahmudul Islam

DHIS2, LMIS, health logistics, stock management, Android app, interoperability