SoftLMIS: A Transactional LMIS custom app in DHIS2

For the last one and half year we have focused on developing a transactional eLMIS in DHIS2 platform. SoftLMIS, a custom web application, has been set to run on top of the DHIS2 platform to manage real-time stock of health commodities by batch# & expiry date, and allows day-to-day stock transactions. Customized SoftLMIS is being piloted in Burkina Faso for 2000+ commodities and in Botswana for real-time tracking of COVID vaccines. A short video explains in less than 2 minutes -

We would be conducting a live webinar on SoftLMIS, please join if the subject matter interests you -

Topic: Webinar on SoftLMIS: A Transactional LMIS custom app in DHIS2 (English)
Time: Jun 8, 2022 10:30 AM Universal Time UTC (1h 15m)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 959 3803 9344
Passcode: 965628



How can I have access to the SoftLMIS app in DHIS2?


I would request you to attend the webinar first which will be held next week, and then we can plan for providing access.

This looks exciting. Thanks for organizing. Will the webinar be recorded and shared here? It is very early for folks in the Americas.

We will record it based on participant’s permission and can share here. It was quite difficult to choose a time that suits everyone. We can have another session targeting US time zone.

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