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Hello Team

Is it possible to create SMS and email notification for a program? For example, when I register a TB patient, an SMS and email are sent to people that someone has been registered. If possible where can I read about this?

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Hi @moses_mwale,

This is possible based on your configurations. Kindly check out the Documentation on Program notifications - Linked to Version 2.30.

Let us know how it goes.


Setting up i have, but sending messages out through a bulk sms service after they have shared their API with me, i have this error:

* WARN  2019-07-15 12:42:54,666 Resolved [org.hisp.dhis.dxf2.webmessage.WebMessageException] ( [http-bio-8080-exec-95])
* WARN  2019-07-15 12:43:00,625 Resolved [org.hisp.dhis.dxf2.webmessage.WebMessageException] ( [http-bio-8080-exec-102])
* INFO  2019-07-15 12:43:21,794 Scheduler initiated execution of job: CvA2EumVWWO, processingSendSmsAction, SMS_SEND, null ( [http-bio-8080-exec-80])
* INFO  2019-07-15 12:43:21,795 [Level: INFO, category: SMS_SEND, time: Mon Jul 15 12:43:21 CAT 2019, message: Sending SMS] ( [taskScheduler-23])
* INFO  2019-07-15 12:43:21,795 Sending SMS to [260973576805] ( [taskScheduler-23])
* ERROR 2019-07-15 12:43:22,552 SMS failed, failure cause: authentication failure ( [taskScheduler-23])
* INFO  2019-07-15 12:43:22,553 [Level: INFO, category: SMS_SEND, time: Mon Jul 15 12:43:22 CAT 2019, message: Message sending failed] ( [taskScheduler-23])
* INFO  2019-07-15 12:43:22,553 'system-process' create org.hisp.dhis.sms.outbound.OutboundSms ( [taskScheduler-23])
* WARN  2019-07-15 12:45:50,718 Resolved [org.hisp.dhis.dxf2.webmessage.WebMessageException] ( [http-bio-8080-exec-98])

In the mobile config i have put the username and password but it cant just workout. same error.

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Hi Moses,

What sort of gateway are you using? I had a lot of problems setting up a Clickatell gateway via the DHIS2 ‘mobile configuration’ app (which contains a different Clickatell URL), and in the end (with @zubair’s help) I had to use an API call to set up the gateway instead. See the following community thread:

Cheers, Sam.

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