SMS is not sent from DHIS2 web if the SMS length is more than 80 characters in unicode

Dear CoP,
Hope all is well with you.
I would like to ask if the DHIS2 web has limitation in term of the length of the SMS to be sent as reminder to parents.
I am using DHIS 2 version on ubuntu … I have recently set up a SMS reminder to parents about their children next vaccination appointment. the language am using is Kurdish since i am in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
The SMS API i got it from a local service provider… when i test the API and send SMS in English it works fine even if the message is long… however when i test it in Kurdish language it only send 79-80 characters …which does not hold much information thats why i increased the text to 131 characters (which is the minimum text i can send and actually make sense to parents) however the SMS doesn’t get sent while it says (Sent) in the DHIS2 web…the SMS does not get even shown in my account on the local sms api provider website…
would be grateful for any ideas or solutions
Thanks in Advance.

Hey @Haliz.t, could you check the logs to see if there is more information there? Probably @zubair can provide more help.