SMS gateway configuration

Dears at CoP
Good Day,
I was wondering if someone can help me understand how to configure an SMS gateway for sending SMS reminders to parents about their children upcoming vaccine and again after passing the due date of the vaccine…
what is the difference between Generic and Bulksms gateways and which one is better to be used??? i have read the user and developer manuals for that purpose but i couldn’t figure it out… has anyone applied this in his/her project??
i would much appreciate any help.

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Hi @Haliz.t

Thank you for your questions and sorry for the late response! I hope we can get these answers from community experts and from the dhis2 team. Will try my best to support you! :pray:

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I can try explaining the difference.
Generic gateway configuration can be used to integrate with any locally or globally available gateway with provide HTTP based API for integration.
Where as BulkSMS gateway configuration is an abstraction created to facilitate integration with bulksms API.

In general, locally available gateways are cheaper than bulksms.

Let me know if any further assistance is required.