SMS and Gateway configuration in DHIs2 web application

Dear community,
I am using DHIS 2 version on ubuntu server
I am literally stuck at gateway and sms configurations i have read the documentation on user manual and i have already set up the program stage notification but its not working. is there any more technical step by step guideline that i can follow??? or can anyone assist me in configuring that please ?
Much appreciated

Dear @Haliz.t

There might be some tips in the community from posts by those who faced some issues; however, for us to search for previously posted info or to seek support, we’d need to collect as much details about the issue as possible.

So you are already using the docs: Configure SMS - DHIS2 Documentation ?

If yes, please describe what difficulty you are facing? What step in the docs didn’t work out?

Could you please add more details such as what’s not working? Most importantly please check if there are error logs (in Catalina.out or in the Network tab and Console in the browser’s DevTools F12) If there are errors please share the log (without the sensitive info).

Thank you!

Dear @Gassim
I have never done the SMS and gateway configuration before, and so i have little information about what exactly to be done.
in the documentation, it does explain the type of gateways but still i don’t know based on what shall i decide on the type am choosing? i looked for other topics that have SMS in their titles in the community … most of them either used Generic or Clickatell
from what i understood the SMS can’t be sent unless i contact and get information from a telecommunication company the provide such service.
as for documentation this phrase was not very clear to me (the bold one)

Configure GenericHttp Gateway

Many DHIS2 instances are using GenericHttpGateway to connect to their local gateways. These local gateways provides HTTP APIs for sending SMS. In new GenericHttpGateway it is now possible to configure generic configuration template for gateway configuration. This template is converted into request payload by replacing place holders with actual values taken from gateway key value parameters.

Hi @Haliz.t

Hopefully we’ll get a response from the community and I’m also checking if someone from the team can respond to your question. Thanks!