Smarter and Better - The new Dhistance Site

Running with an objective to improve data management, eHealth4everyone, a digital health enterprise in Nigeria developed Dhistance - a fully automated DHIS2 set up, hosting and server management platform. With Dhistance, you can quickly set up and host your DHIS2 server in just 5 minutes. And amazingly, zero technical skills are needed to do this and at little to no cost.

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Dhistance site and as you already know, It is smarter and better!! We have made significant upgrades on our platform to improve your experience and accommodate more of your needs. The new site which was completely developed in-house by the eHealth4everyone team boasts of numerous features some of which are;

  • Instant DHIS2 set up: without the technical know-how, you can easily set up your data management server in 5 minutes and at no cost.

  • Hosting numerous DHIS2 servers: Dhistance allows you to set up and host multiple servers all under one account.

  • DHIS2 Consultancy Services: We have provided a new service option on Dhistance that allows you to request for your very own DHIS2 installation and configuration. This option is perfect for users who already have the necessary tools and funds for a DHIS2 setup and would prefer to have it manually installed. Request.

Goodnews!! :tada: :tada: Save 50% on any Dhistance plan.

Your data management problems are now a thing of the past. Instantly set up your DHIS2 server at half the cost and use your DHIS2 without ever having to manage the hosting environment. To quickly set up a server, Visit Here.

Please do well to visit our website and feel free to drop your feedback! We hope you like it. :+1: