Smart Display App not displaying graphs


I have installed the DHIS2 Smart Display App and have created some graphs/dashboards for it to display but the display is blank it doesn’t show any graphs. Is there something I am missing for it to display the graphs?

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@stephocay and @carapai can you respond to this question?

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Hello @stephocay and @carapai we are experiencing this same issue with the version 2.0 of the smart display app.
Only a few maps and pivot tables on the dashboard display in the app. All the other charts do not show e.g. single value charts, bar or column charts, etc.
Please could you take a look at this?
We are also trying to display the data using smart TVs and their native browser apps since Chrome does not work on smart TVs. This is something else to take a look at.
Thank you.

Has anybody else gotten this to work? If yes, please share how you made it work.