Slow in search and loading list page


we have problem with searching it takes about 15

minutes to get the result
we work on program with two stages contains about 200 rules


Hello @Funyy,

It seems everything is normal, but how much time take to respond from the server (i.e. 30 seconds, 1 minute, or more than 1 minute)?

I would appreciate it if you could please elaborate on the issue.

I would like to know the following points:

  1. When did this error showed-up or when occur?
  2. Is the application being deployed properly?
  3. Did you do a configuration change in the environment that led to this problem? Or this error started suddenly for the first time?
  4. What is the bandwidth of your internet connection, or what is the speed of your internet?

I appreciate your feedback on the points above

Best regards,

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