Show Organisation Unit Hierarchy in Validation Rule Analysis

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Please it possible to show organisation Unit Hierarchy in Validation Rule Analysis when using Version: 2.30 (bcf37f9) and 2.31.4-SNAPSHOT (0b56150)


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Hi @Guy_Ekani, sadly no it is not possible to expose the org unit hierarchy in the validation rule analysis results. We know this to be a major short coming so we are working on fixing it.

The best practice for running validation rule analysis is to run it for smaller regions or districts instead of running it for a whole country at one time. Typically running validation rule analysis for a whole country produces hundreds of alerts which are practically speaking overwhelming and mostly unusable.

We also strongly encourage validation rule analysis to be automated via the scheduler application and notifications to be directly sent to the people that can act upon the validation rule alert. This is typically the people who were initially responsible for capturing the data or their supervisor. The message for the validation rule should be targeted and specific with instruction on how to address the alert. These can be made in the validation alert notification settings.


Thank u @Scott

This fix will help to improve data quality through feedback to Health Facilities.