Show N/A Data in Event Report


I have an issue with the Yes / No Data Elements. So, when trying to filter data with No or Blank Values, I can choose only the No value, there’ no way I can show the variables with N/A values.
For Instance, I have a data element called duplicate, so in my list I want to retrieve cases that aren’t duplicates and this applies for data elements with No value or even N/A. How can I have a list with these two values.


Can you share the screenshot of the problem you are trying to solve, so that we can get some more idea of the problem

This is a screenshot from the event report of the duplicate data element,
It only allows me to choose whether the data element value is Yes or No,
I want cases that are not duplicates, and this has to be either ‘No’ or ‘N/A’.
but I can’ t choose cases with N/A values.


@Sdn I don’t think you can select it from there but if you leave the selection blank, run the report, it should show you all of the values (Yes, No, N/A). Then you can download it in excel and filter the N/A items. Not sure if others have other solution.
One way to overcome this issue is to change your DE to mandatory so you get yes/no answers.


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Thanks for your reply,
but the idea is that I want to have it kind of dashboard that shows non-duplicate cases,
downloading the excel and then uploading it to the dashboard will take time , and it won’t be automatic.
what if we created a program indicators that counts once the value is no or blank, will we be able to retrieve it in the event report as an individual event?

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Yes your requirement seems to be a good candidate for a program indicator where your filter section should contain something like

#{vY4mlqYfJEH.Va3FC8Io1b0} != 1 or #{vY4mlqYfJEH.Va3FC8Io1b0} == ''

Assuming code 1 = Yes and 0 = No

Thanks @jthomas

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