Short Survey on Program rules

Hi everyone,

Please help out in filling this short survey on program rules. We are doing a small study on it. Your inputs will be very helpful.

forms link : team work in program rules



Thank you for sharing this @itwabi!

I think @tracker-programRules might be interested in checking this out too!

I have a question for you, please, why did you choose this category #development:app-development instead of the category #research-recherches?

Looking forward to hear about your study in the community! Thank you! (:

Oh my bad, I did not see the research category. Let me add it appropriately.

Thanks for pointing it out.

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Hi @itwabi!
Thank you for moving the post! Did you get any responses? I wonder if you could add to your post more info such as who, what, and why? Thanks! :+1:

Nice survey, thanks for posting @itwabi . Great if you could post your results later, so the community and dhis2 core team can learn more about program rules management practices.


I did get some replies. Not as many as I would have liked though. The who is really anyone who has worked with program rules before especially in a team setting. The what is a research paper on the team work oriented support for program rule configurations. The why is because I have been part of about three ministry dhis2 projects in my home country with a 7 plus team all trying to edit and configure program rules for multiple features on the platform. This has caused serious looping errors, inconsistencies in expressions, rule naming, etc… I and some team members decided to write a paper on this, if any other people on the community have met similar issues working with program rules in a team work setting. and perhaps propose a better workflow with an external app for better program rule management. The paper is done, just waiting on the data to re-enforce our premises based on community feedback.

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