Sharing settings not taking effect (reason unknown)

Good day,

We are running on dhis2 version 2.33.8 for covid vaccine data. We have created managerial user role which only have access to Dashboard and data values. Data comes from both data entry (daily summary sheet) and tracker capture. Issues on the daily summary sheet (aggregated data), the report on the dashboard shows UIDs for the selected dimension or data elements selected. Either represented on chart or table.

see the picture below;

The Super user see the data well. Please assist.

Hi @tshidi.moroma,
I understand from your post is that even after giving the user the proper authorities in the user role to view the data, the user still has an issue viewing them on the Dashboard, right?
Have you checked the sharing settings for these values? Make sure the user has viewing rights, please!

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Thanks @Gassim for your response. I have changed the viewing right to can edit and view thinking that may be this can help, but nothing changed.

This is what I have done;

  1. For all category options that are used in the dashboard item accessible to this user I have given the user can edit and view
  2. For all category combinations for these category options I gave the user the same rights. Remember at first I was using the user group which didn’t work. I removed the user group and uses the user it failed I used both. which is what I am currently using. But nothing has changed. If I give the user role (That this user is assigned to) full rights that’s when the user sees everything accordingly.

Okay! Thank you! Let’s see if we can find any error while logging in using the user with the role you created, open the network tab and then refresh the dashboard page then please take a screenshot of the network tab (copy the response here, please!)


Currently everything looks fine. Not sure if the whole thing was solved by restarting the nginx and the instance itself. No error message is reporting

Thanks so much for you patient assistance.

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My pleasure @tshidi.moroma (: