Shared options allowed?

Hi all

I have two category options: APE_RET and APE_MD. Is it allowed to share the same category option (APE_MD) between categories as in the example below?



Hi @fernando
Sharing category options is definitely allow and should be utilized. The one exception here is that you should not have a category option in two categories which are part of the same category combination. So, if you have one category called “Color” defined like:

  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Other

and a second category called “Size”

  1. Large
  2. Small
  3. Other

If these are part of a category combination called “Color + Size”, then you would need two distinct category options in this case (like “Other color” and “Other size”).

Its a bit difficult to see in your diagram, but as long as you do not have the situation which I outlined above, then reusing the category option between categories is the correct way.

Best regards,