Share charts without organisation units access

Good day,

I was wondering how I might be able to have users view charts and dashboards to organisation units they do not have access to.

To provide more context, I have users who are assigned to organisation units at level 4 on the hierarchy but I want them to be able to view the data at level 1 for some specific charts on a dashboard without granting them permission to the data at level 2 or 3.

I tried creating the charts and sharing it with these users, but they are still unable to open these charts. I have also tried using organisation unit groups and groupsets but I’m not quite sure how the data aggregates because the data values seem different.

I would really appreciate any assistance. Thanks.


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Hi @Uaa,

I hope you are well. apologies for the late response; did you get a workaround for this?

When editing the user, they must be assigned to an org unit on the data capture and maintenance for them to be able to view analytics from different org units, you need to grant them access to the org units you would like them to access.