Setting up your data management server

Data is a valuable resource and its management is key in any organisation. Over the years, data security, storage and retrieval has posed problems for many organizations. This has led to inaccuracy, loss of data and decreased productivity.

We at eHealth4everyone have deep and broad expertise in DHIS2, a tool for the collection, validation, analysis and presentation of aggregate and statistical data. We have gone ahead to create a platform called “Dhistance” to simplify the set-up, configuration and maintenance of DHIS2 servers.


With Dhistance, you can set up your own DHIS2 server seamlessly, without needing advanced technical skills. Dhistance can be used across a wide-range of situations to solve your data management problems and meet your impact goals.

With Dhistance, you get;

  • Instant setup
  • Data confidentiality
  • Multiple server hosting
  • Continuous backups
  • Industry data security

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