Setting up an instance

(Sihle Mbhamali) #1

Can anyone help me set up the most basic instance and data, and to visualise that data

(James Omutsani) #2

Hi @sihle,

Welcome to the DHIS2 Community!

I have a few quick question for you before we get started;

  1. Have you used DHIS2?
  2. If Yes, What’s your Experience level with DHIS2?
  3. Have you done the Fundamentals Course to get an in-depth understanding of DHIS2?
  4. We have a lot of resources at your disposal: DHIS2 Documentation for the different versions available and according to your role.

I would recommend you start with the fundamentals course (If you haven’t done it); then we can work on setting you up with a local instance for your use.

Let me know if this works best for you


(Sihle Mbhamali) #3

Thank you James.

We have setup the instance, and we are import data values, the only problem now is that when we import data values we only get a few data values stored.

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(sarder) #4

Hi @sihle,

Did you imported sample data? Please check that database file import was successful. It may be ended up with error if you do not use compatible version of PostgresSQL.

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