Setting standard COVID-19 instance for a country with existing COVID-19 tracker

Hi everyone,
What would be the steps/hints to migrate from an existing locally customized COVID-19 tracker instance to this new proposed standard COVID-19 instance? Ex Some countries had immediately customized DHIS2 to track COVID-19 cases, and the instance has already some data to move to the new COVID-19. Is this possible? I initially thought can use both Tracker programs for program indicators and hence benefit the dashboards even though it requires to have old tracker and new COVID-19 instance but i couldn’t.
Could you advise? both trackers are 2.33.2.


Dear @adolphe

Great to hear you had locally started work on COVID configurations and the need to migrate to the standard COVID package.

  1. Not sure if you want to use the same instance or a new instance, but you will need to install the standard package and may be adopt some local additions or subtractions on either new instance of same instance.

  2. Extract the data out of the old local instance and map it to the standard COVID package and them import.

The alternative would have upgrading the locally configured package with the standard package, but the metadata is different.