Setting number of decimal places in Data Entry

Having issues with Data Entry Beta vs Legacy in getting proper decimal places. When indicator values are set to one decimal place, they function properly in Legacy. In Beta, the values’ decimal places do not get shortened. Is this a configuration issue or a bug?

I’ve included screenshots of Legacy and Beta

Including an extra screenshot of how a sample indicator is configured in Maintenance

Hi @camk9

Thanks for the info! I agree with you that this might be a bug. I am able to reproduce it, and I’ve triaged this post to the platform team. I will let you know the response.

If they confirm that it’s a bug, would you like to report the jira bug issue using your account? We report bugs in Projects - Jira and share the link here so other community members can follow and check the ticket status.

Update: @camk9 , it’s been confirmed that it hasn’t been supported in the beta app, would you please create the jira issue? Let me know if you want me to create it on your behalf.


[BETA-79] Decimal places not setting - Jira (

Added link to Jira issue!

Thank you for creating the Jira issue @camk9!

I need to follow up on this issue but I can’t get access because the issue was created in BETA Project, would you please change the project to DHIS 2 Software (DHIS2)?

If you can’t move the ticket from the BETA project to DHIS2, please recreate and then copy paste your previous ticket.

Thank you so much!

made a new one!

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