Set up DHIS2 for an NGO

Dear AL-Gassim,
Thank you very much for your quick reply. much appreciated. I was tasked recently to set up a DHIS2 platform and a for an NGO working in the health sector. DHSI2 tracker development and programming and DHSI2 tracker user manual training. thank you very much for your help on this. Or can I have access to an account and space on a DHSI2 platform already set up ( eg: WHO DHSI2 or for a given NGO)

Hey @jeremie,
You’re welcome! I’m sure you will enjoy the experience of setting up the DHIS2 and learning more about the DHIS2 software. You’ve come to the right place to ask for support regarding all DHIS2 topics!
There are many options for you to get started, does your NGO have any experience with DHIS2?

If the NGO doesn’t already have any instance ready then maybe you could seek a hosting solution and you will defiantly have to go through the Installation - DHIS2 Documentation

If you are asking for an account just to test things out, feel free to check out the site where you can access demo. Let me know if you need any further support, please! ( :

Thank you! (:

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Thank you very much Gassim. I will be back to you if I need more help. Thank you very much.

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Hope it’s going well! You’re welcome! ( :

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