Server migration

I need someone technical support in migrating the Liberian DHIS2 Server to the cloud.

What do you need help with? I mean, the task is not difficult but complex as it involves several steps (list not complete below):

  1. Identify hosting requirements (size of VPS / Server: RAM, CPU, storage, etc)
  2. Acquire hosting
  3. Acquire a domain name (kind of optional but mandatory for HTTPs which is highly recommended)
  4. Backup current implementation
  5. Deploy DHIS2 in the cloud VPS / Server (manually following the official doc or via tools like
  6. Set up domain name an certificates for HTTPs
  7. Restore the backup on the cloud
  8. Test current set-up
  9. For a transparent transition update local DNS

All this if you want to have the server on the cloud, which seems to be your request (although not clear). If you want to allow external access and you have the server and bandwidth capabilities you could just enable the access from the Internet to your local server.