Server crashes during bulk data import

Hello everyone,

I tried to import a csv event data file that has about 6,000 event enrollments into a DHIS2 instance but half way through, it stops and then shows a 502 error. The server had to be restarted and I decided to reduce the events to 1000. This time, the import was completed but on refreshing the server, another crash happens. The same happens when I upload 500 files.

I’ve uploaded more events into an instance before and it didn’t crash. Is there a reason why data upload will cause a crash on the server?

Hi @WumiOjo,

Please check the Catalina.out log file and share it with us (without the sensitive info). And, please share what is the dhis2 version you are using as well as the environment configuration of the system.


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Thank you so much for replying @Gassim but it turned out the RAM allocation was insufficient to begin with so this issue seems to be sorting itself out actually. RAM allocation is still being adjusted though, if there are still issues I will definitely be back.