Server Always Drops DOwn

why does our server drops down frequently while we’ve increased space…?

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HI @ahly,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this.

Kindly provide detailed information about what you are experiencing and when the behavior occurs, so that the team can be able to assist.

Which DHIS2 version and build you are using?


i always get #504 gate way and version dhis2.3.1 snapshot

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@ahly that sounds like a RAM and not a Volume(space) issue… can you let us know the full details please thanks.

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server specifications 360gb hdd by 32 gb ram


If you have a 504 error, that means your gateway (apache or nginx) cannot communicate with your tomcat at port 8080 or it was down, please check the logs and see what is causing it. most likely it has to do with RAM or the configuration.

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