Sequential number

Good evening,
I am trying the generate sequential value for data element for a event capture program.

  1. I created a data element “de_local_number” (value type as positive integer)

  2. Then i created a program value variable “prv_ic_sequential”

equal to data element “de_local_number”

with the source type:

“data element from the newest event for a program stage”

OR “data element from the newest event in the current program”

OR “data element from previous event”

  1. then created a program rule

with the condition of #{prv_ic_sequential} > 0

with the action to assign value of “de_local_number” as ( #{prv_ic_sequential} + 1 )

  1. Then entered a first event specifying “1” for “de_local_number”

  2. Then entered a second event. The “de_local_number” did not take the value (1+1).

Is there any mistake in the procedures?

I will be thankful if you can advise.




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