September Developer Meetup Announcement: UI

Hi all!

Join us for the next Developer Meetup on September 8th, which entirely focuses on the UI library. In this meetup, we’ll demonstrate and discuss some of the features of the UI library, and then open the floor for any questions, suggestions, feature requests, and more. It would also be great if you have used this library already and would love to participate in sharing your experience.

And, of course, if you have any questions not related to the UI library, there’s room for that as well!

You can sign up for the meetup in the Google Form here.

Already have questions or suggestions ahead of the Meetup, we’d love to hear from you in Slack! There’s a #meetups channel specifically created, so please join our Developer Slack Community, and pop in the #meetups channel there!

Will we see you there?


Thanks, everyone for joining, we got a nice amount of people who earned a badge thanks to attending! Developer Meetup Attendee badge on DHIS2 Community

Want to get this Badge too? Watch for the next Developer Meetup Announcement and RSVP!


Was a really great meetup, thanks @Rene! :slight_smile: Glad to have the badge too!

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Thanks, Mr @Rene Pot for the great presentation helping me set up the local environment on my computer, I really enjoyed being in the meeting and receiving the badge too! , I wish to learn more from you and the core team.


I’m happy you benefited from the meetup! Looking forward to seeing you in future meetups as well!

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