Sept 24 - 13:00 - Logistics and Lab Management Information Systems in DHIS2 Q&A

In this discussion thread, feel free to ask questions related to the Logistics and Lab Management Information Systems in DHIS2 session of the 2020 DHIS2 Digital Annual Conference. You can post your questions ahead of, during, or after the session. The panellists will check this thread for questions, and select some for responding to in the session, or follow up after the session has ended. Feel free to respond to other questions or add to them if you have something to follow up with.


George … I am interested in the barcode scanning …I presume all uyou need is electricity … but not even 24/7 … you can scan when the electricity comes back on??

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Hi George, are you using the core DHIS2 for your program, or have you made a custom program? What instance are you using 2.3…? Very interesting use case!

He’s using 2.34 and it’s all core. No customization.

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The scanning is done using a cellphone in the DHIS2 android app, so as long as your phone has battery you can scan.

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OK … so no direct electricity so it should work anywhere … sounds simple enough!!

hi @GeorgeMcGuire - great solution for for LMIS - query: how do you handle products that dont have barcodes from suppliers/manufacturers?