Sept 22 - 14:00 - Norway COVID-19 Response Q&A

In this discussion thread, feel free to ask questions related to the Norway COVID-19 Response session of the 2020 DHIS2 Digital Annual Conference. You can post your questions ahead of, during, or after the session. The panellists will check this thread for questions, and select some for responding to in the session, or follow up after the session has ended. Feel free to respond to other questions or add to them if you have something to follow up with.


It has been a very interesting challenge to work on the Norwegian configuration for COVID, the first major configuration for DHIS2 implemented in Norway.

From the start when the epidemiologist from Tromsø Kommune approached us looking for a solution for her own municipality, until it became a project owned by the association of municipalities reaching I think 60 municipalities now.

Feel free to ask any questions about this! We already have a couple of Master students writing about the process, so hopefully we will be able to learn more about usage of DHIS2 in a high-income country context.


Hi all!

How Norway used DHIS2 on the borderline with Sweden? Was hard to do synchronization efforts between different information systems?

This contingencie let us know the importance of databases connections using web services. What are your meanings about web services and different databases connections?

Thanks for that question Carlos!

I don’t think that there has been any specific approach to how the municipalities look at the borders with Sweden, and the “point of entry” program was not implemented in Norway. I am not aware if at national level they have any point of entry screening system, but if they do, it is not currently integrated into DHIS2.

Norway has a quite complex legal framework around health data so we are a bit limited in what we can integrate, and currently we are still working on integration towards reporting tools used here, as well as integration with the civil registry to be able to bring in personal data (adresses, phone numbers, etc).

I think that ideally we should be able to have a lot higher level of integration with both patient journals to reporting tools to contact tracing, but in my opinion this is unlikely to happen soon unless DHIS2 becomes a national tool and not a municipality-based tool.

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Thanks Enzo! It’s very important to get a “Standard” national framework to do information systems integration.

Actually, here in Honduras we’re working with DHIS2 to know all the human resources (Who/what/where/why) in MoH Honduras. Please stay on tune to let you know how this effort works for us, of course we will share feedback!

That sounds super interesting! Maybe you can do a post in the CoP about it?