Sept 21 - 15:15 - Tracker & Android Country Stories Q&A

In this discussion thread, feel free to ask questions related to the Tracker & Android Country Stories session of the 2020 DHIS2 Digital Annual Conference. You can post your questions ahead of, during, or after the session. The panellists will check this thread for questions, and select some for responding to in the session, or follow up after the session has ended. Feel free to respond to other questions or add to them if you have something to follow up with.

The recording of this session is available here:

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From @anna_bowen to @Bakeyo

How large of a problem was phone loss or malfunction, and how did you manage repair/replacement? What did workers do to record data while they were without phones? Do you recommend that other programs plan to have paper back-up systems for when such problems occur?

From Stephanie Nakimuli To @Bakeyo

Thanks Beatrice. Have you considered use of the maps to track the mothers easier?

Hi all!

Thanks you for sharing your DHIS2 implementations experiences and stories.

I want to know if there was any issue with the mobile devices, desktop computers, something that you said: “Wow, we need to buy a better computer/tablet”.

Thanks in advance & warm regards community!

From Adetola Seyi to @Bakeyo

Was there provision for data bundle for Health care worker?

Hi @carmihersie1, regarding android you have in the following document, the recommended specs.

Hi, @Kwame
As Ghana has implemented the tracker for some time, do Ghana now solely use DHIS2 for data reporting and utility rather than Paper reporting? What’s the key factors to consider when transitioning from paper to DHIS2?

From @Solveig to @Kwame

How is it decided what data should be collected? Any recommendations on how to improve this?

From @Lombe to @Kwame

How long do run both systems, paper based and real time before transitioning fully


Refreshingly honest presentation - thanks. Two questions:
You indicated legacy excessive data collection - and last time I had a look at the Ghana HMIS there were around 3,500 data elements in the instance. What is your tentative target for reducing this? To 2,000, or 1,000? (South Africa, in comparison, collects around 1,000 data elements across the whole health sector).
My understanding is that Ghana has opted for SORMAS for disease surveillance - has that been rolled out, and if yes how are disease surveillance data being linked to other related aggregated and Tracker data?

Calle Hedberg

Thanks!!! We got an experience last year in Honduras, the Samsung A6 tablet was unable to used with DHIS2 2.30+, now we’re using Huawei T10.

I want to know which tablets model are using in another country implementations to be aware of best options to be used on field!

I’m very interested sharing experiences


The recording of this session is now available on YouTube:

Here are some addition questions from the Zoom Q&A, including a few that were answered during the session:

Q: How did you address the support form mobile users, as we well know on the DHIS2 Mobile App we cannot use tools like teamviewer to be able to go through the user issue?
A: Implemented an MDM

Q: What are your experiences with maintaining motivation and incentives of field staff for data collection?
A: This is more of a program question. In Nigeria there is an incentive mechanism for field staff based on number of clients they reach and reports they submit in DHIS2

Q: How are you able to manage data Confidentiality and privacy using whatsapp
A: (Beatrice): We are only sending aggregate data via whatsapp (simple tables, # of ANC1, targets, % achieved, etc.), not patient data

Q: Was there provision for data bundles for Health care workers?
A: (Beatrice) Yes we provided Phones, Sim Cards and Data bundles about 350MBs on a monthly basis

Q: How is it decided what data should be collected? Any recommendations on how to improve this?

Q: Does the transmission link mapping now support links between TEIs/enrollments/events in different Tracker Programs?

@marta and @kwame @bakeyo for your review / response

@Solveig It is always good to decide whether you want to use the tracker to capture only data needed to generate summary reports and key indicators or use it as a complete patient management system where detailed patient data such as sign and symptoms as well as all lab results etc

@Lombe You’ll have to run both concurrently until you achieved more than 90 percent completeness when you compare what has been entered in the tracker with what’s on paper