Sending email notification based on program rule and program stage completion

Dear members,

I would like to send outgoing email/sms notification when both a condition form program rule is met and program stage is completed.
Currently, DHIS2 provide sending notification either on program stage completion or on a program rule.
Can anyone help me how to set this combinaison.

with warm regards


Hi @Amza !

I think in your particular case, I see 2 possible solutions:

  1. If your workflow allows the user to complete the event ONLY when the CONDITION is met, then you can Schedule a message when the stage is completed and use a program rule to prevent user from completing event until the condition is met.
    If this is not the case, let’s look at solution idea nr.2

  2. You can try to trigger the notification based on Program rule by adding the condition:

&& V{event_status} == 'COMPLETED' to the program rule expression.

I have not checked whether it works, but if you test it, please let me know whether it does.

Hope that helps,


Thanks Yury,
the suggested solution with && V{event_status} == ‘COMPLETED’
works well