selectionBar and organisationUnit Tree

I need help on how one can use the dhis2 ui selectionBar and organisationUnitTree because i can’t seem to find comprehensive documentation on how one can use the two

Hi @Yambanso_Kausiwa, thanks for your question!

Not sure which component you mean with selectionBar but we’ve got documentation for the organisationUnitTree here:

If you click the storybook link inside that doc, you’ll find a dozen or so examples for different configurations.

Other components are both on the doc site as well as storybook. Let me know where you need clarification!

i followed the implementation in story block but when i try to populate the org unit tree with org units i am getting a displayName required error

i mean the selectorBar not selectionBar

Can you show the code you have? Maybe I can point to the error more easily that way.

You can also find all the code from all the stories from storybook on our UI repository here: in case that helps with debugging.

Same with selector-bar here:

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thank you that helped


Awesome! I would love to hear what you feel was missing from the documentation so we can improve it!

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i think inclusion of detailed examples might help a lot like they do with tailwinds documentation


Thanks! I’ll make sure to put that on the todo!

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