Seeking the correct path


Hi all,

We follow participants in different sessions per group. (In the attached image we are following participants of Cantinho Group). How can I build the form so that I can get the following output:

Number of participants (female/male) by age who attended session 1 in Cantinho Group.
Number of participants (female/male) by age who attended session 2 in Cantinho Group.
Number of participants (female/male) by age who attended all sessions in Cantinho Group.

N.B: For sessions 2 and 5, we must have a text field to write an action plan.

The feedback I got from the staff is that we are tracking a group, but we are collecting information about participants in each group. (Each filled paper form corresponds to one group).

Please help with hints to build this form


Hi @fernandoshake
To me this looks like a tracker program with several stages. The first step would be to register each participant as a new tracked entity instance. You could record their name, age and sex. Next, you could have a program with six program stages (one for each session). When the participants come for stage one, you could look them up and register that they completed that stage. You could then do the same for the other stages.

For stages 2 and 5, you might need an extra data element to record the “action plan”.

Hope this helps.

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Hi, @jason,

Thank you so much for the steps you have mentioned, but I have one more question. As the action plan is for a group in which participants participate, I am afraid that putting the Action Plan data element in stages 2 and 5 will mean that the action plan is for each participant in these two stages. In the image, we have participants in group Cantinho. How Can I treat group in the tracker program?