Seeking clarification on Analytics Question

Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone could give me some clear explanation.

What is the idea with “Display in reports”? In program stages, beside data elements, one of the options is “display in reports”. Does it have to do with display of data in analytics, for example? What happens if I tick or do not tick the checkbox with regard to reports?


I’m sure you read in the docs that it says “Display the value of this data element into the single event without registration data entry function.” which I think means that it could appear in reports even if no data entry was registered to the DE.

See this screenshot, for example, I took it after enabling the configuration option “Birth Certificate” in the program stage and now it appears in the report even though no data entry was registered:

and when I disable the option:

Here’s a video (URL at time) from the DHIS2 Events course which briefly mentions it (@Shurajit_Dutta):

Hope this helps! @dmbantu