Seeking assistance: enrollment date, event date (event capture), report date implications

Hi all,

Sometimes when I built program indicators and view them in a pivot table, I do not get the desired results and I believe that dates play an important role.

I’m not sure I understand the implications of enrollment date, event date (event capture), report in program indicators.

I would like to be clear about this matter. Can anyone in the community give some sort of explanation on how dates affect the result of PIs?


Hi Maposse Fernando

The event date is the date when the event you are recording the data for occurred. For instance, if there is an event for “Child birth” the day a pregnant woman delivered the child is your event date, whereas enrollment date is the day the entity (Pregnant woman) is enrolled. For example, suppose a woman gave birth on Sunday, September 12th, 2021 (Event date), and the hospital clerk registers the woman on the DHIS 2 instance on Monday, September 13th, 2021 that is the Enrollment date.

In creating a program indicator, you have to choose an “Analytics type”, either event or enrollment. The analytics type you select determines the analysis of your program indicator. The event analytics type works with the event date while the enrollment analytics type works with the enrollment date.

I will also suggest you also try the event report module because it tends to give a clearer picture when dealing with program indicators.

If after trying the Event report module you still experience the same issues. Please provide us with further information, such as the indicator equation been used and how it was applied to the DHIS2 instance, this way we will be able to assist better to review other possible issues that might be responsible.

I hope our response helps you further with this issue.

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Hi @e4eDHIS2,

Thank you for your explanation. One question has occurred to me about report date. In the dashboard below, we have a report date we can select for each event that happened.

a) This report date is not visible in the program indicator.

b) and if for each event/program stage, we select this date - sometimes we rename it - , why isn’t possible to view the date alongside each event in the event report? Does it have to be treated differently?


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