Seeing Analytics Update Times with 2.34+ and Continuous Analytics

My project and I are absolutely thrilled with preliminary results and functionality of the Continuous Analytics feature. With a server that took 26+ hours to get data to load initially, we are seeing data visibility in reports and visualizations with a 20-30 minute turnaround time. We didn’t even think the server was going to be able to handle running analytics at all, much less such a speedy turnaround.

Is there a way to see the actual time the Continuous Analytics starts/finishes? I’m used to seeing statistics in system/tasks, however can’t seem to sort information from this view to see it run. Thanks for any assistance!

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Hi Matt,

This is great, many thanks for the feedback and the kind words!

We haven’t added this to the About page yet, but if you are inclined to look at JSON you can use this endpoint:


And look for the the following properties:

  • lastAnalyticsTablePartitionSuccess
  • intervalSinceLastAnalyticsTablePartitionSuccess
  • lastAnalyticsTablePartitionRuntime

Now you should be able to get task/job information from the tasks/task summaries endpoints. Notice that there is a dedicated job type for continuous analytics with key:


We are looking for insights on how this relatively new feature is used so feedback is appreciated!



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Appreciate the response. With our Test server this is showing ,“intervalSinceLastAnalyticsTablePartitionSuccess”:“52 s”,“lastAnalyticsTablePartitionRuntime”:“12 s”
, which is pretty incredible considering our Production server (larger by a substantial degree) takes about 40 minutes to run through analytics at the moment.

One thing that we ran into, which I may/may not be CA related, is an instance 2.34.2 that I’ve tried to document here: 2.34.2 Analytics Query Duplicating Events, omitting others.