Section form not working in Program stages in Capture App

I created a tracker program for the Capture app. In the stages, I created sections for the data entry form and assign data elements to each section.

When I checked the capture app, only the first section and the assigned data elements is showing. The other sections are not showing. I also reproduce the experience in the demo site.

How do I handle the data entry form to show data elements in sections in the Capture app?

Hi @jetisco4u

I can’t reproduce this issue:

Please write the steps to reproduce and which version.

Thank you!

@Gassim thanks for the insight.

The image you posted is exactly what I am trying to achieve. It only works in the profile for TrackedEntityAttributes.

For the stages details, I follow the steps below:

  1. I assigned the data elements
  2. In Create data entry form, I created sections and assigned data elements to each of the section.
  3. I opened the Capture app and check the stage section but only the first section is showing

Hi @jetisco4u

I’m trying to reproduce this issue on but it’s not working. Are you able to reproduce this issue?


@Gassim It’s working now.

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