Section form issue with capture app

V2.33.3 I’ve created an event with section form and it was fine , then created a custom form to see how it looks like.
the issue is that when I deleted the custom form, capture app still reads it as a blank screen and it didn’t go back to the section form again?

Hi @Shady Please follow the temporary turnaround given in this JIRA ticket:

Temporary workaround to fix programs that has been broken by a blank data entry form:

  • Open the program in maintenance.
  • Go to “3. Create data entry form”
  • Select the “Custom” tab
  • Click the delete button at the bottom of the screen (this deletes the blank custom form from the server directly)
  • Do not click the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen - as long as the current bug exists, this would reintroduce a blank custom form. Close the maintenance app without any further actions.
  • Clean cache and open the Capture app - everything should work normally again.

Hope this solves this!

Thanks Saurabh, it worked :slight_smile: