Section form issue in data capture app

Hi all,
Has anyone had an issue where certain DEs do not show up in the android data capture app when using a section form? For a particular dataset, I have a custom form for web entry and a section form for app entry, and the custom form is working fine, but for the section form, one data element is not showing up on the app. I’ve confirmed that the DE is in the dataset and in the section, cleared cache, etc.

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Hi @Natalie_Tibbels, I hope you are well today. A follow up on this; did you get a workaround this?

Hi @Natalie_Tibbels;

I also have a particular data set for which data must entered on web and android. I have built a custom form for web and the data is being entered. Now my team says the data must also be entered via app entry on android tablets. What would you me advise me to do? If create a section for app entry and assign the same data elements, won’t data already entered on web appear on app entry?


Not sure I understand the last part of the post. I don’t see a problem with setting up a section form and a custom form for the same dataset, so that on the app the user will see the section form, on the web they will see the custom form. Definitely test it on the app though to ensure the form is displaying correctly!