Searching for particular event in android app

Hi all,
Is it possible to search for a particular event (form submission) within an EVENT form, using the android app? I realize with tracker programs we can search by attributes but having trouble if data collectors want to find a particular submission and update it, they are having trouble finding it. It’s possible in the online capture app but would be cool to do in the mobile app is well, if anyone has figured that out!

Hi @Natalie_Tibbels .

I am not sure I fully understand your message. You would like to search for a particular event based on what exactly? A free text submitted in a Data Element? AFAIK this is not supported in web nor in Android. Could you please clarify to see if I can help you better.


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Thanks Jaime! In the web version, you can navigate to an event program in the capture app and an OU, and then filter the list by any of the data elements. So if I want to find a particular response, I can filter down to that response (screenshot).
In the android app, one can filter on date, OU, sync status, and event status, but not any of the other fields (again, just for event not tracker programs where you can designate certain attributes as searchable). It would be cool to do a similar filtering option in the capture app or maybe I’m missing how to do it!

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Hi @Natalie_Tibbels

Currently you can’t search by data elements but you can use the filters (event date, org unit, sync status or event status) as you mentioned or you can create a working list and specify what you want to search. Of course this won’t be as dynamic as having searchable data elements but could help for now.

Here is an example:
I’m filtering by all “WHOMCH - Smoking == Yes”

I also invite you to create a jira ticket with the new requirement. Please don’t forget to add as many details as possible.

Let us know if you have any other question.

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Hi @nancyesp, would you be able to share how to set up the working list with a condition as shown in your images using data element as filter query?

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Hi @samboupha!

You can follow the steps described in our documentation (here). Let us know if you have any questions.

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