Search TrackedEntityInstance By Event Date

We have been developing DHIS2 app using ‘eventRows’ API Endpoint.

We use this to search TEI list that has events within date range + event (attribute) category combo option (attributeCc, attributeCos).
(IINPUT: orgUnit, program, programStatus, startDate, endDate, attributeCc, attributeCos --> OUTPUT: TEI list with tei details)

Due to 2.33 having some issue with ‘eventRows’, we are alternatively looking at other possible solution for this.

‘trackedEntityInstances/query’ does tei search by eventDate, but does not seem to have catCombo Option search…

We want to make sure that there is no other way (than using ‘eventRows’) to search TEI based on event Date & catCombo Option.

Thank you.

Hi @jamesc! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Maybe @varl or someone from his team can help you with this.

Hi, I tried chasing this down, and eventually got referred to @Stian by @Markus. Hopefully he may know more.


Thanks, @maxk and @varl.

It seems ‘eventRows’ is working again in 2.33.2, when it was not in 2.33.1.
So, we are back in using ‘eventRows’ for this.
Will also be nice if ‘trackedEntityInstances/query’ has ‘attributeCc’ & ‘attributeCos’ option (on addition to existing event dates) - for searching Tei by event CatComboOption.


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