Search Function in Web Tracker Capture


I have a Searchable Entity Traceable Attribute “Nomor NIK”. But on a search in Web Tracker Capture, this attribute is missing. Please help.
I’m using DHIS2.35.6

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Any solution about this?

Hi @Gassim please help me on this.:sweat_smile:


Hi all, @dhis2-tracker

any idea?

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Hey there @taufiqhs - Can you provide a screenshot of how the tracked entity attribute “Nimor NIK” is set up?

The screenshot above, showing the searchable tracked entity attributes config from the maintenance app - is it taken from the program section, or the tracked entity type section?

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Hi @Markus,

Yes, this file is from the maintenance app, and program section.

and this is from tracked entity type section.


Is the 3 fields searchable in your web tracker the same as the 3 fields in yout tracked entity type screen below? It seems that there is a few tracked entity attributes missing.

Was the program tracked entity attributes added later - and can it be that the tracked entity attributes from the program is not shared with the user? To check this, compare the sharing settings with one of the searchable tracked entity attributes with one of the non-working tracked entity attributes.


Hi @Markus

This is Tracked Capture, 1 missing ( Nomor Induk Kependudukan).

All programs sharing setting is the default setting,


Ok, there seems to have been some changes since the first post?

Could you check the sharing settings for “Nomor Induk Kependudukan” and compare to the other, working tracked entity attributes?

This is Nomor Induk Kependudukan

Thanks @Markus,

My problem is solved.

Thanks for commenting on the thread.
The underlying problem was that somehow the tracked entity attribute “Nomor Induk Kependudukan” was set to not searchable in the database. This should not happen for tracked entity attributes that is set to be unique in the whole system. We haven’t been able to reproduce the corrupt data yet, but @taufiqhs was able to set the tracked entity attribute to searchable with a db script.