Search fields in Tracker switching choice values [fixed]


I’m having a very specific error and I was wondering if someone could recreate it on their program and let me know if they’re getting the same error?

  1. Have a list of maybe 8 searchable fields for your tracker program. Make sure at least 5 of the fields are drop down questions.
  2. Try to select the searchable field at the bottom (you should scroll to get to it).
  3. Do you get the choice values you are supposed to?

Mine picks from one of the ones at the top instead of the one I’ve tapped on. Weirdly enough, it works fine on the training app but not the real DHIS2 Tracker app (hence my lack of screenshots).

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!

Hi @Clara

Indeed I just verified that this is a problem and I have created a JIRA [ANDROAPP-4570] - Jira we will be updating any progress there.

Sorry about this!

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Thanks @jaime.bosque! Will be watching.

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@Clara ,
As you can see in the Jira issue this bug has been fixed! Thanks! :+1:

Update: @Clara it has been fixed for v2.5.2 so please update! Thank you!


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Hello @Gassim which version of tracker is this working in? I have the latest app version: v2.5.1 (SDK version: 1.5.2) and I still have the error.


Hi @Clara!

The fix is in version 2.5.2. Let us know how it goes. Thank you!

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Hey @nancyesp. I have v2.5.1 on my phone now (released on Google Play 02/02/2022) so that’s why I can’t see the change. I’ll update once an update is released for Android 11. Thanks!

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Confirming this issue has been fixed. Thank you @nancyesp @Gassim