Search Error in Tracker Capture - Android app

Hi DHIS2 Team,

I can log in to my tablet and see the tracker capture I have created, but when I click on it to search for a TEI, Although TEI exists in the server. I get the following message: Oops, something didn’t go as planned. Let us get you back in action.. I do not know what’s happening. When I click on more details, I see the following/ exception error:

Hi @jamal_aljadan . IS this reproducible in every device? Could you trying performing a metadata sync, and if that doesn’t fix it, resetting the App and trying again? I am afraind there might be some corrupt/missing metadata.

Please try and let us know.

Hi @jaime.bosque. Thanks for your quick cooperation.
This problem was repeated on more than one device for the same user, but I noticed that this problem is for some TEI cases only.
Can you help me to figure out how to sync metadata?


Hello @jamal_aljadan .

In order to sync metadata you just need to go to the Menu > Configuration > Sync Metadata. Please try and let me know.


Do you mean Menu > Settings > Sync configuration?


Yes, that’s correct. Sorry, I told you by heart and my terms were not accurate.

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Thanks for your assistance